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The 1980 Kardiac Kids — Our Untold Stories

The 1980 Kardiac Kids — Our Untold Stories is the most complete, most comprehensive account of this miracle season ever published. The book is dedicated to the fans who cheered for the Browns every step of the way as they battled to win a division championship, their first in nine years.

This 672-page, hardcover, coffee-table edition features a look at how the Kardiac Kids were formed, personal stories from the players and coaches, a detailed recap of every game, fan memories, plus much, much more.

You will take a walk down memory lane by revisiting the birth of the Kardiac Kids, including the emergence of Brian Sipe at quarterback, the hiring of coach Sam Rutigliano and the 1979 season when the Kids began to establish their reputation for exciting, come-from-behind victories.

The Kardiac Kids’ offense in the huddle during a game at Cleveland Stadium: (l-r) Dave Logan, Doug Dieken (behind Logan), Calvin Hill, Henry Sheppard, Brian Sipe, Tom DeLeone, Mike Pruitt and Robert E. Jackson.

Next, you will read a compelling and inspirational story about each player and coach that takes you on his journey to becoming a Cleveland Brown, describes his vital contributions to the team’s success and provides a fascinating and meaningful look at his life today.

Then, as each amazing game is brought back to life in words and pictures, you will relive all the spectacular plays and thrilling moments while being transported back to the time when the Kardiac Kids captured your heart.

You will also read fresh and insightful commentary about the playoff game against the Oakland Raiders on January 4, 1981. Players and coaches will recall the challenge of overcoming those bitterly-cold and blustery conditions at frozen Cleveland Stadium.

And, yes, they will share with you their thoughts and reflections on Red Right 88, the play that shattered the dreams of a Super Bowl title.

Nose tackle Henry Bradley sacks Kansas City quarterback Steve Fuller in the Browns’ 20-13 victory in Game Three at Cleveland Stadium.

In a special section honoring the NFL’s greatest fans, you will read the best among hundreds of special reminiscences of the 1980 season gathered from Browns fans worldwide.

More than 650 historic photographs of the games, players and coaches will put you in the stadium and on the field, as the Kardiac Kids continued on their pathway into pro football legend.

You will also receive an exclusive look inside the locker room and behind the scenes in photos taken by Jerry Sherk, the Browns' All-Pro defensive tackle and a member of the Kardiac Kids.

Finally, you will be inspired and challenged as you read personal illustrations and lessons from life that transcend the game of football—stories and experiences from the players and coaches that will warm your heart and touch your soul.

Rekindle your love affair with the team whose comeback victories put the Browns in the playoffs and gave hope and inspiration to the Comeback City of Cleveland.

Reconnect to the passion and pride you felt in your dedicated support for this team of destiny.

Relive your cherished memories from this magical season and share them with family and friends.

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The 1980 Kardiac Kids
Our Untold Stories

Portion of proceeds from sale of this book donated to charity.

Fast and powerful fullback Mike Pruitt breaks a tackle against Denver in Game Five at Cleveland Stadium. He rushed for 1,034 yards in 1980.

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"The 1980 Kardiac Kids - Our Untold Stories by Don Cockroft with Bob Moon likely is the most extensive recounting of a single NFL team's season ever written. ... Many retrospective football books have focused on player biographies or on individual games; none have done it as deeply as this one while capturing the team's connection with its home city. The 1980 Kardiac Kids is an exceptional achievement and is worthy of a place on any football fan's bookshelf."

— John McMurray - Sports Collectors Digest   Read the full review »

"I think we were probably the most focused team in the NFL because there's no way you can look at our depth chart and conclude that we were one of the most talented teams in the NFL. We realized that, when an opportunity was there, we could execute. Everybody just expected that, when it was their turn, they'd get it done."

— Brian Sipe

"It was the first time that I really contemplated that whole concept of ‘destiny.' It was like we're headed somewhere. I'm not sure where we're headed, but everybody else is going to go along for the ride. Some of it was just inexplicable. . . . It was just a phenomenal, exciting year, one that people don't always get a chance to experience."

— Curtis Weathers

"Everybody rose to the occasion. We never entered a game where we couldn't win. Look at all the people that made a contribution on that team. There was not one guy out of the 43 that wasn't involved. Everybody played-I don't care who they were-to a level beyond their talent because they believed we could win. We never went into a game that we hoped to win."

— Sam Rutigliano

"I think about family. I think about togetherness. I think about unity. I think about team chemistry. I joined the Browns from the L.A. Rams. The Rams were a great group of guys and solid citizens, but they were very cliquish. From the moment I set foot in Cleveland, there was just this embrace and this acceptance that was very refreshing."

— Jerry Wilkinson

"It was a special group of guys. The thing that made us bond and become closer together was because we hung out together- white players, black players. I think that was one of the things that really brought us closer together. The guys just had a good time together, competing."

— Ron Bolton

"It was just an electrifying year. The Kardiac Kids have to go down in history as one of the greatest teams the Browns ever had. That season gave the fans, as well as the players, a sense of pride. We were really doing something. Yes, we were carrying on that rich tradition, a legacy that was given to us, handed down to us. It was something special even though we did not make it to the Super Bowl."

— Cleo Miller

"It didn't matter if you were the first guy on the team or the last guy on the team. We were all one. We all enjoyed winning together and that was extremely gratifying to me. When the team scored, it wasn't one person scoring. It was all of us scoring."

— Calvin Hill

"That team, the chemistry was like a family. We all truly, truly liked each other and cared for each other. You truly didn't want to let your fellow teammates down."

— Robert E. Jackson

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